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Payara’s Community Growth Program

Community Growth Program

Are you using the Payara Platform? Want to help us spread the word about our open source software? Join the Reef Community Program so we can support your efforts.  

Type of Support Offered

  • Sponsorship
    • Local events
    • JUGs
    • Conference tickets
  • Event Support
    • Stickers, pens, t-shirts, etc
    • Resources and handouts when you speak about the Payara Platform
    • Speakers for events, panels, co-speaking requests
  • Promotion
    • General promotion of your Payara-related activities
    • Social promotion of your events, publications, webinars
    • Republishing blogs and articles on Payara.fish

Project and Event Collaboration

Payara Reef Community Forum

We love collaborating with individuals and organisations to create new exciting things! These can be one off’s, (such as a conference talks or articles) or longer ongoing relationships (like our involvement with supporting OpenJDK at Foojay.io). We have partnered on initiatives with many different organisations, large and small. Including: IBM, Eclipse, Redhat, Apache, Snykt, Microsoft, Jakarta EE, MicroProfile, Platform.sh, Dzone, InfoQ, Foojay, Suse, Oracle, Fujitsu, Tomitribe,  Java User Group’s around the world and many more!

Awesome Swag

Give away swag

Conference & JUG Speaking

Talk at EclipseCon

Activity Sponsorship

Kayak Payara sponsor

Supporting the Community

Setar wearing Payara shirts

Event Sponsorship

Lunch sponsored by Payara

Community Engagement

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