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I like Payara Server’s easy installation and powerful administration interface (both CLI and web) facilitating server configuration and application deployment.
Vibrant and supportive community and, with Payara Server, one can get professional support if needed.

Antonio Rocha

Since Oracle dropped support for GlassFish, I’ve been looking for a replacement. I still think GlassFish architecture is the best on the market today, but due to lack of resources from Oracle, it became stale, and bugs weren’t fixed.

Then, I found Payara.  I was initially afraid that Payara Server wasn’t going to track GlassFish progress, but since that progress is so few and far between, this fear quickly dissipated.

I started using Payara Server and haven’t looked back. The killer feature has really been Hazelcast integration. This has finally enabled me to achieve zero-downtime deployment and upgrades.

Lenny Primak

GlassFish v3 became the killer application server in 2009, then Oracle dropped the commercial support.

I was skeptical as Payara was announced at JavaOne 2014 conference in San Francisco and I was proved wrong. Since two years an endless stream of commit messages, pull requests and comments dominates my GitHub timeline.

The Payara Server is surrounded by vibrant community, nice engineers and capable support.

Particularly non-functional features important for devops, Continuous Deployment and “microservices” like convenient command line, extensive RESTful monitoring (used in LightFish), or nice admin web interface are important for enterprise projects.

Adam Bien

Many companies use open source and we love using open source. But having that commercial support with Payara who owned the code base really takes open source to the next level.

For a company that can’t dedicate resources to learning one particular product, the vendor can really provide you with knowledge that can help you out. We need certainty in our platform. Our customers demand and expect that. Payara was able to provide that. They own the code. They know the code.

Neil Openshaw Sr Manager, Software Engineering at Hyperwallet, a Paypal Service.

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