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Payara Community – The Power of Open Source

We are proud to have such a great community of Payara Server & Payara Micro users! Our application server users are spread all over the world and they range from small one-man bands and personal projects, to big corporations running Payara Server in mission-critical environments, both internal and customer-facing.

To bring you closer to our amazing community, we talked to some of the most dedicated Payara Server users who were happy to share their stories! You can meet them here:

We use Embedded Payara Server with Arquillian in integration tests – the most useful feature is full application server as a test dependency with full support of features of the target platform. And also possibility to “hack” them, for example to use mocks partially or to turn some service down and up in a running test and watch if the application would stand or crash.

David Matejcek

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Payara Server was an obvious choice when support for GlassFish ended. All my favorite reference implementations are inside and the soul of GlassFish seems to be more alive than ever, but now it is known as Payara Server.

Pavel Pscheidl

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I’m using Payara Server as my favorite choice in my books, articles, blogs and so on. Now, I’m using Payara Server in a Spring Boot e-commerce application that is currently under development. The application will run as a WAR under Payara Server.

Anghel Leonard

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Payara Server is a perfect drop in replacement for GlassFish. What was most significant about replacing GlassFish for Payara Server was that remote testing went from 90 – 100 seconds down to 10 – 15 seconds.  There was no need to look at any other servers. I had Payara Server deployed in my labs at Dawson and Concordia. My students no longer dread testing with its long waits.

Ken Fogel

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