How Will Payara 6 Affect You?

How Will Payara 6 Affect You?

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Payara Platform Community will soon move to Payara 6 and Jakarta EE 10.

This means: Payara 5 Community reaches end of life. It will no longer be maintained; there will be no more bug fixes, component upgrades or improvements.

Payara 6 Community will take its place. This will run with Jakarta EE 10 and there is no guarantee Jakarta EE / Java EE 8 applications will work.

If you want to keep using Payara 5 and Jakarta EE / Java EE 8 applications, we encourage you to move to Payara 5 Enterprise.

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Request Payara Enterprise if:

  • You Are Using Payara Community And Want to Stay on Jakarta EE 8.
  • You Want To Move to Jakarta EE 10, But At Your Own Pace And Only When You Can Guarantee Security.
  • You Are Using Payara Community And Want to Keep Using JDK 8.
  • You Want to Move to Jakarta EE 10, But Are Worried You Don’t Have Enough Developers or Knowledge.
  • You Are Worried About Another Log4j-Style Vulnerability.

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FAQ – Payara 6

What specifications does Payara 6 Community support?

Payara 6 is a Jakarta EE 10 certified runtime that includes MicroProfile 5.0 and runs on JDK 11 and JDK 17.

Can I run Payara 6 Community on JDK 8? 

No that is not possible, the Payara code is compiled with JDK 11 and requires as a minimum JDK 11.

Why is the first Payara 5 Community release after Payara 6 Community the last one?

The Community product has no long-term support (only the latest version does) and thus is replaced by the Payara 6 Community version.

With Payara 5 Enterprise edition you have a supported version with monthly releases until 2028. 

Can I deploy a Java EE 8 / Jakarta EE 8 application on Payara 6?

You can try to use the Eclipse Transformer to convert the javax namespace to jakarta but it might not work due to the breaking changes in Jakarta EE 10. 

Payara 6 Enterprise users will have access to additional tooling that identifies issues and our engineers will help them solve them. 

Why is there no version that supports Jakarta EE 9.0(1)? 

Jakarta EE 9.0 and 9.1 are interim versions made for the tooling support. They do not contain any additional functionality for the user. So, there is no benefit in creating a Jakarta EE 9.x application and you should use Jakarta EE 10.

For developing microservices with Payara 6, what should be used – Jakarta EE 10 or MicroProfile 5.0?

Shared APIs

MicroProfile builds on Jakarta EE, and Jakarta EE 10 Core Profile will match the APIs that MicroProfile 5.0 builds on. Therefore, you can use them together as suits you: you don’t have to choose between them.  

MicroProfile has additional specifications that are good for certain microservices use cases – such as Health Check and Metrics – and they will likely never come to Jakarta EE, as they are microservices specific. If you are using those, you must use MicroProfile, but you can use it with Jakarta EE.  

You don’t necessarily need to use MicroProfile to run microservices, only if you need specific microservices functionalities provided by MicroProfile only. You can see above the divide of the components. Choose MicroProfile for microservices if you need any of its components, but if not, you can stay with purely Jakarta EE. 

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