Payara Feature: Upgrade Tool

Upgrade From One Version to Another, Faster and Easier.

High Availability
  • Upgrade Payara Server Enterprise without creating scripts.
  • Only needs a single Asadmin CLI command.
  • Restore the domain configuration from the backup using the rollback-server command.
  • Specify a local distribution of Payara Server to upgrade to for users.

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What is the Upgrade Tool?

The Upgrade Tool makes the process of upgrading from one version of Payara Server Enterprise to the next faster and easier. In case an issue is detected with the upgraded version of Payara Server, the Upgrade Tool also restores the domain configuration from the backup using the rollback-server command. (Available in Payara Enterprise only). 

Upgrade Tool Benefits

Why You’ll Want to Use the Upgrade Tool

Simple to Use

Upgrade to a new version with a single Admin CLI command.

Staged Upgrade Available

Install the new server next to the old one before proceeding to the next step.

Rollback Upgrade

Should anything go wrong you can rollback the upgrade easily to your previous version.

Advanced Administration & Maintenance of Payara Server

Download the Guide which summarises some very useful maintenance features of Payara Server:

  • Backing up and restoring
  • Execution of admin commands in batch
  • Monitoring
  • Deployment of multiple application versions

The guide features a demo on Application Versioning in Payara Server and lists some useful references to the detailed documentation material for Payara Server.

At the end of this guide you will also find references to detailed documentation material for Payara Server as well as a summary of default open ports.

Download Guide

Upgrade Tool Blogs

  • Upgrading from Payara Enterprise 5 to Payara Enterprise 6 with the Payara Server Upgrade Tool 23 Nov 2023

    In a world where technology never sleeps, staying ahead is not just an advantage; it's a necessity.  This is especially true for organisations running enterprise-level applications on Java EE 8 through  Payara Enterprise 5. While this platform has undoubtedly served you well, the release of Jakarta  EE 10 and Payara Enterprise 6 marks the beginning of a new era in Enterprise Java development. 

  • What's New in the September Payara Platform Release? 20 Sep 2022

    Payara 6 Community Alpha 4, out today, is suitable for trying out Jakarta EE 10, and marks a key step on the road to full Jakarta EE 10 compatibility for Payara Community. Also out this month is Payara Enterprise Version 5.43.0, and a release of Payara Platform Version 4.x in its extended support phase.

  • August Payara 5 Community Release Out Today! 17 Aug 2022

    Payara Community Version 5.2022.3 is out today, bringing concurrency enhancements previously seen in Enterprise and a key security fix, solving the recently discovered CVE-2022-37422. You must update your environments to the latest version to be safe.  

  • August Payara Enterprise Release 11 Aug 2022

    Payara Platform Enterprise 5.42.0 brings 5 bug fixes, 1 improvement, 1 component upgrade and 1 key security fix - of a 0-day vulnerability in all distributions of the Payara Platform that affects web applications that are deployed in the default context root(/).   A release of Payara 6 Community (Alpha 4) and Payara Community Version 5.2022.3 will follow next week. This will bring the fix to Community users, providing they update to these versions.

  • What's New in the July 2022 Payara Platform Release? 14 Jul 2022

    The Enterprise-only 2022 July Payara Platform release is here! Payara Platform Enterprise 5.41.0 brings 2 bug fixes, 2 component upgrades, and 2 improvements. This month, this includes improving the functionality of the Upgrade Tool, which is available to Payara Enterprise customers only. Also only for Enterprise users is Azul's supported OpenJDK build for enterprises, Azul Platform Core. In this release, we've updated our Docker images to support new versions of Azul Platform Core. We've also updated our Docker images of previous releases with these new versions of Azul Platform Core. An Enterprise subscription means you can access special benefits like the Upgrade Tool and bundled Azul Platform Core support, as well as being able to continue using earlier Jakarta EE versions after Jakarta EE 10 is released this month (see below).  All these benefits mean an Enterprise subscription can be more cost-effective in the long-run! 

  • What's New in the June 2022 Payara Platform Release? 29 Jun 2022

    The June 2022 Payara Platform release is here! This is an Enterprise-only release, with Payara Platform Enterprise 5.40.0 bringing 3 bug fixes, 1 component upgrade, and 2 improvements.  We have also made significant improvements to our product documentation on GitHub, for both Enterprise and Community, aiming to create the best developer experience possible for those using the Payara Platform! Read more below.

  • What's New in the May 2022 Payara Platform Release? 18 May 2022

    The May 2022 Payara Platform release is here! This is an Enterprise-only release, with 5.39.0 bringing 4 bug fixes, 2 component upgrades, and 5 improvements.  JDK 17 is now supported in Enterprise! It has been tested in Community and can be relied on for mission-critical systems. Enterprise users also enjoy an improved Upgrade Tool, with more troubleshooting available when moving between Payara versions.

  • Upgrade Tool V1.3 in Payara Server Enterprise 09 Apr 2021

    In January 2021 we introduced the Upgrade Tool as a minimally viable product (MVP) for Payara Server Enterprise users to make the process of upgrading from one version of Payara Server Enterprise to the next faster and easier.  Each release since then has offered improvements to the tool. 

  • New Upgrade Tool in the Payara Server Enterprise 5.24.0 Release 13 Jan 2021

    The January Payara Platform Enterprise Edition release (request here) includes 6 bug fixes and 1 component upgrade along with the introduction of a new CLI Upgrade Tool. You can see a more detailed overview of the fixes and improvements in the Payara Platform Enterprise Edition 5.24.0 in teRelease Notes here.

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