WebLogic vs Payara 5 Comparison

FeatureOracle® WebLogic 12R2 (enterprise edition)Payara® Server 5
LicenseProprietaryOpen Source
Release FrequencyIrregularQuarterly for the Community, Monthly for Customers
Production SupportYesYes
Component UpgradesIrregularQuarterly
Supported IDEsEclipse® / Netbeans® / IntelliJ® IDE / JDeveloper®Eclipse / Netbeans / IntelliJ IDE
Support for Java EE ApplicationsJava EE 7Java EE 8
Caching ToolsOracle Coherence / JCacheHazelcast / JCache
ClusteringEvery node runs same appsEvery nodes runs same app or fine grained assignment
Scripting toolWSLTasadmin
Scripting extensionsPython scriptsOS / BASH scripts
Asadmin command recorderNoYes
Deployment FlexibilityDeployment plan (XML based)Variables (System, environment, MicroProfile config values)
Notification channels Monitoring
  • JMX Beans
  • Log files
  • SMTP
  • SNMP
  • JMS
  • JMX Beans
  • Log files
  • SMTP
  • SNMP
  • JMS
  • CDI
  • Slack
  • New Relic
  • Datadog
Slow SQL LoggingNoYes
Health Check ServiceYesYes
Request TracingJAX-RS (Jersey) onlyJAX-RS, CDI, EJB, Servlet, ...
OAuth2/OpenId Connect supportRequires Fusion Middleware or custom devNatively supported (through Security API)
Micro Services DistributionNoPayara® Micro
MicroProfile supportNoYes
Uber-jar and Hollow JarNoYes
Docker SupportYesYes
Cloud Providers SupportOracle Cloud, Amazon, Microsoft Azure™, JelasticMicrosoft Azure, Jelastic, Amazon, Oracle Cloud
Zero Deployment downtimeParralel versions with gradual switchParralel versions with one time switch
Upgrade toolYesNo (Coming soon)
JDK SupportYesYes (through Azul® JVM)
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