Mentoring and Coaching in the Workplace

Payara loves to upskill its team – and we have set ourselves an ambitious challenge of investing over 100 hours of Learning and Development time for each team member each year. Over the past couple of years traditional ‘course / qualification’  based learning has been replaced  by online sessions  which better suits both individual and business needs … and it’s here to stay! 

So, what is the place in this online landscape for Mentoring and Coaching ? Is in-person knowledge sharing still beneficial ? 

It has been recognised for some time that mentoring and coaching are effective tools for boosting professional growth to achieve long term career success, and a business that invests in this form of knowledge sharing sees improved employee performance, better workforce retention and increased satisfaction.Man leaning over another man in Payara t-shirts at Laptop

At Payara we promote mentoring and coaching for all, but especially for those in a mid-career stage. This is often the period when a career can stagnate as the knowledge for performance of the role is accumulated fully, but no further development is actioned. Investing in those that want to see an increase in the scope of their role or the opportunity to take on leadership responsibilities, through mentoring or coaching internally, is a great way to hone the skills of your next generation of leaders. 

So, what is the specific benefit of mentoring or coaching for an individual? It’s the opportunity to learn from other experienced professionals who can give valuable feedback and guidance due to their enhanced knowledge and skills set, and also to build a supporting relationship which  promotes collaboration and open communication. 

If mentoring or coaching are carried out successfully an employee  is much more lively to develop confidence in their abilities and take on new challenges and responsibilities which can lead to them  expanding  their professional horizons within our business.  

It is a win-win reality for both the business and the team member– we get to retain some exceptional talent within the business and they get to stretch their new abilities to grow and develop their professionalism whilst still enjoying working as part of a great team.

By investing in mentoring and coaching, a business can create a pipeline of knowledgeable, skilled and highly motivated employees who achieve the organisational goals and contribute to the success of the company. 

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