Experience Fully Managed Jakarta EE Cloud Deployment with Payara Cloud’s New Free Trial

Payara invites developers and enterprises to explore the capabilities of Payara Cloud by taking advantage of the new Free Trial. To give developers a taste of its exceptional capabilities, Payara is proud to introduce a new 15 days Free Trial of Payara Cloud, enabling users to experience effortless cloud deployment like never before.

Payara Cloud redefines the way Jakarta EE applications are deployed, taking an approach that handles server-related complexities on behalf of users. It leverages the core principles of Jakarta EE to isolate deployable applications from infrastructure intricacies. This innovative platform, built to run on Microsoft Azure using the Azure Kubernetes Service, seamlessly takes a user’s application bundle (WAR file) and deploys to automatically provisioned containers in Kubernetes pods.

Payara Cloud fully automates essential tasks, including YAML configuration, container image building, pod creation, Kubernetes deployment, API server updates for Azure ingress management, and SSL certificate generation. With Payara Cloud, developers can focus on their code and business logic, while the platform handles the rest.

Unlike other solutions, Payara Cloud stands out by comprehensively managing deployment, configuration and scaling of Jakarta EE applications. Renowned Java Champion and consultant Adam Bien praised the approach, stating, “Payara Cloud’s focus on separating infrastructure from business logic stands out, in contrast to other approaches that attempt to shift deployment to build time.”

Developers within the Jakarta EE ecosystem can easily access the benefits of Payara Cloud through its user-friendly interface or seamlessly integrate it into their continuous deployment pipelines using GitHub Action Workflow and Payara Cloud Command Line (PCL). Additionally, Payara Cloud’s future integration with external Kubernetes platforms such as Kubernetes itself, OpenShift, or Rancher will further enhance its versatility.

To sign up for the Free Trial and learn more about Payara Cloud, please visit payara.cloud.

Watch a Payara Cloud Demo here.

On Wednesday 23 August 2023, 3.00PM GMT, we will host a webinar Assessing Jakarta EE Cloud Deployment Options in a Cloud Native Era, which will discuss Payara Cloud in the context of other Jakarta EE Cloud Deployment Options.

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