Launching Payara’s New Bonus Perks Scheme

At Payara we aim to make working with us a great experience for everyone, but as a globally distributed SME this can be challenging. Culture, languages and time zone difference all need to be managed to make the experience beneficial for everyone.

So, to ensure we are doing the best we can we launched our new Bonus Perks scheme with 19 company wide Perks that everyone can take advantage of. We worked hard to create a tailored Perk Package, listening to what Payarans really wanted, and that evolved into 5 clear categories:

· Health and Wellbeing Perks

· Flexible and Remote Working Perks

· Professional Development Perks

· Time off Perks

· Bonus and Reward Perks

Tailoring our Perks package helps both with attraction of new Payarans, and also retention of our current team, as it shows we recognise and value the interests of our team, which in turn helps reinforce our amazing internal culture and consequently reduces turnover rates – who would want to leave with the Perks we offer!

Our tailored package also helps give us a competitive edge against other companies by showing we are truly listening to our staff and offering what they want, rather than a standard set of Benefits. As an SME, having the flexibility to update and refresh our Perks annually keeps our focus on ensuring we are creating a package that everyone benefits from. Overall, tailoring company Perks fosters a culture of respect and appreciation which will lead to higher role satisfaction and employee engagement.

Finally, top priorities for Payarans were:

Bar graph showing priorities for different Payarans

Read our previous blog to find out how this fed into our process of designing our new Perks package.

Want to enjoy these Perks yourself? Check out our open job roles and sign up for job alerts on our ‘Join Us’ page:

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