International Girls in ICT Day: Meet Elif!

Today, (April 27) is International Girls in ICT Day! This is an annual event designed to celebrate women exploring and pursuing careers in Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

The theme this year is ‘Digital Skills for Life’, so we spoke to one of the Girls in ICT at Payara, Elif, a Junior Service Engineer. She told us about her passion for ICT and her career path.

We hope her story can help encourage other young women to pursue ICT careers and pick up their own digital skills. If you are a young woman interested in a career in ICT, make sure you sign up for job alerts with Payara, to be the first to hear about our remote work graduate scheme.

Can you tell us your role at Payara, and what does a typical day look like for you?

Elif with her niece and her dog, Tontis

My role at Payara is working with customers and community users to help solve the problems that they are facing, by doing this I provide customer satisfaction. A typical workday for me involves developing my skills and making the customers satisfied. Each issue is different from the others, and with each different issue, I need to learn more and more so that I can be of the best help to them.

Did you always know that you wanted to get into the Tech industry, and what interested you about it?

Yes, my brother is a computer engineer and has been working with technology for years. I always perceived him as a role model and always heard from him about the innovations and updates in technology. As an individual, it motivates me to constantly learn new things and I was always curious about the newest innovations.

When we step into the outside world, we see how simple mobile technologies, the internet, and digitalization make our lives. Seeing how easy technology made our lives, I wanted to take part in it. That’s why I always imagined myself working in this field professionally.

The theme for this year’s ‘International Girls in ICT Day’ is Digital Skills for Life – what do you think are the key digital skills you would recommend girls to learn at school or in their free time for a career in ICT?

The key digital skill I would recommend is Web-based research and problem-solving and focusing on how to use the internet the best that they can. In today’s world, you can access almost everything you need, this can be online courses, certificates, anything that can come to mind. By using the internet the right way, they can develop their skills the best that they can.

Can you remember when you learned your first digital skills you still use today?

Ever since I first got my computer, I have used the internet and web-based research to help me solve problems. Now I use this skill in my day-to-day life to help solve customer and community issues.


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