Payaran Bonus Perks – How We Built a Tailored Perks Package

In April 2023 Payara rolled out 19 company wide tailored Perks to all Payarans, but how did we decide what Perks to include? What did we focus on to make sure we were getting our offering right?

First, we identified what we were hoping to achieve – a centralised Perks Package that was beneficial to all Payarans …Why?Learning & Development perks icon

1. To enable our hiring team to showcase the Perks on offer to potential candidates which sets us apart from other similar companies – Candidate Attraction 101!

2. To showcase our Perks to our internal audience – not only to give them clear visibility of the great offering we have, but also to show that we actively listen, and value their suggestions – Payaran Retention

Having informally discussed what Payarans were looking for and carried out a survey to see how Payarans prioritised Perks, it became clear that the most popular Perks fell into 5 main categories. Here’s what the majority of Payarans were looking for:

Health and Wellbeing Perks
Payarans value their mental and physical health as a priority. With this in mind we were able to create Perks that targeted Health and Wellbeing including Wellness Wednesday – monthly time off for an extended lunch break to carry out a trip to the gym or walk in the park, Mindful days off – paid time off for those days when life becomes overwhelming and there is a need to focus on relaxation, a financial allowance – that can be claimed for courses/ treatments, and a financial Fundraising allowance the can be claimed towards a charity activity that a Payaran supports.

Remote / Flexible working
Remote working is a given for all our staff, but to support them more we offer a welcome goody bag to all new starters to make them feel one of the team, and also a financial allowance to make their work spaces great– maybe by adding a plant or a footrest?. We also offer a degree of flexible hours enabling them to manage their personal responsibilities more easily.

Professional Development
We have a strong focus during working hours to promote upskilling in role, but to balance that with personal development gives a strong and healthy rounded Payaran, so we offer a financial allowance for Personal Development.

Generous Paid Time Off
From celebrating birthdays and anniversary start dates, to taking part in volunteering activities and having paid extra vacation as part of our Loyalty reward scheme, Payara is able to offer paid time off for all!

Bonus and Rewards
We openly recognise each other through our Reward and Recognition scheme, giving individuals and team leaders the opportunity to praise the performance and hard work in others. We also have a ‘Here to help’ annual bonus which can be offered to all Payarans in the event of a global crisis –Annually, those in Payara who have exceeded expectations and been excellent role models are awarded a Directors Thank you cash reward with a personal letter of appreciation from the Directors.

Special Perks
We know that all Payarans love to connect, but being a remote working company this has its challenges, so we create an amazing fully paid Annual Retreat in an amazing location where friendships can be formed, and fun can be had. We also meet quarterly for a virtual day of fun, learning and business news which drives engagement and helps grow our incredible culture. Finally, we love to show that Payara cares and feels responsible for the global nature of our business, so annually we ask Payarans to choose a Charity Partner that we can support.

So, in summary, a business that focuses on providing a tailored Perks package to its staff, having listened to and valued their needs, will drive mutual appreciation and respect – which in turn will support both retention and attraction activities.

Sounds good?

Make sure you sign up for job alerts and see open roles on our ‘Join Us’ page, to become a “Payaran” and benefit from our Perks scheme:

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