Payara Launches Production Ready Platform for Jakarta EE 10 and MicroProfile 6

We launched our production-ready product for use with the most recent Jakarta EE and MicroProfile versions. Read the full press release:

 Jakarta EE developers can now use the latest releases of Jakarta EE and MicroProfile with a fully supported, production-ready version of the Payara Platform Enterprise. With this release, Payara continues to stay at the forefront of the Jakarta EE ecosystem and ensures an enhanced user experience with new features and benefits.

Payara Platform Enterprise Edition 6.0 is the first release of Payara’s Enterprise product for use with Jakarta EE 10. It follows last year’s November release of the Jakarta EE 10 compatible Payara Platform Community Edition 6.2022.1, created for use in development and testing environments.

Payara 6 Enterprise ensures that companies operating mission critical applications can now use Jakarta EE 10 in production environments. It comes with a 10-year software lifecycle and direct support from Payara engineers, as well as guaranteed monthly updates, security patches and bug fixes. Payara 6 Community users can seamlessly migrate to Payara 6 Enterprise to access this new Jakarta EE 10 production ready deployment runtime. An automated upgrade tool is also currently in the works for Payara 5 Enterprise to Payara 6 Enterprise migration.

This Payara Platform release also comes with support for the latest MicroProfile 6 release, in Payara Platform 6 Community and Enterprise editions. Those using Payara also benefit from the latest release of this microservices-optimized platform for Enterprise Java. Payara 6 Community and Enterprise releases both include Payara Micro, Payara’s platform of choice for containerized microservices deployments.

“We are proud to deliver Payara Platform 6 Enterprise for Jakarta EE soon after the release of Jakarta EE 10 and MicroProfile 6. Our customers choose Payara Platform Enterprise as a perfect solution for their mission critical, large-scale, enterprise applications. Our main goal is to enable companies to focus on the development of business logic whilst knowing that Payara will take care of production deployment problems and provide timely support by our engineers. The release of Payara 6 Enterprise empowers enterprises to have both: the highest standards in security and stability, and the very latest Jakarta EE and MicroProfile technology,” emphasized Steve Millidge, CEO and Founder of Payara Services.

Payara Platform is designed to provide the flexibility, performance, and security that enterprises demand, therefore Payara has also recently enabled a free enterprise trial available on their website, that will empower developers to experience its features and benefits firsthand. No credit card is required to participate in the trial, and users can cancel at any time.

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