New Release!

Webinar – Payara 6 Community is Here!

It is the first stable release of the Payara 6 Community stream and will be the updated, current version of Payara Platform Community.

This webinar is your chance to ask your questions and prepare before the final Payara 5 Community release in December:

“Payara 6 Community is Here!”

Friday, November 4th, 2pm GMT

Senior Software Engineer at Payara Andrew Pielage will talk through:

  • Jakarta EE 10 – What’s new
  • MicroProfile 5.0
  • Issues to watch out for as you migrate to Payara 6 Community – moving to JDK 11
  • Package name changes
  • What’s next for Payara Platform – IDE integration, MicroProfile 6.0 etc
  • Payara 5 Community Terminal Release
  • Payara 6 Enterprise

Join him on November 4, 2pm GMT.

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