Meet Rebekah – Our new People Team Assistant

At Payara, we pride ourselves on being a global employer of choice.

We have employees in 13 countries, speaking 14 languages and operating across multiple time zones. We work to ensure everyone feels part of a united team, living our values Community, Growth, Openness, Initiative, Trust, Excellence and Passion, across continents. Of course, this takes hard work and carefully planned initiatives. We’re expanding our People team to make sure we can keep up our high levels of employee satisfaction – and continue to make being a “Payaran” special.

So without further ado: meet Rebekah, or ‘Bekah’, our new People Team Assistant.

A snowy Bekah, and a sunny image of her hometown

What has been your favourite day/experience so far in your first few weeks at Payara?

Experiencing my first Virtual Payara Day (VPD) was so fun! It was great to learn about the business, as well as meet different people all in my first week.

How have you found the onboarding process in a remote-work position? Did it meet your expectations?

I think this was the best onboarding process I’ve ever received! It was structured well and even though I’m working remotely, I never once felt like I was just left alone with nothing to do.

Bekah on holiday in Adenau, Germany.

What fun Payara community activity are you enjoying the most and why?

I really enjoy the “Monday Morning GIF check”. It’s lovely to see/hear about what everyone got up to at the weekend and it makes Mondays a little bit more fun.

What energises you at work?

Being a part of a supportive and engaging team as well as having the opportunities to develop.

Do you have any major work pet peeves?

Working on tasks that don’t fully align with the organisation’s goals.

How do you prefer to start your day?

With a nice cup of tea! On a weekend, I’ll try and fit in some light exercise too.

A little day out, in North Yorkshire Moors (which is about 40 mins away from where Bekah lives).

What’s your go-to productivity trick?

Having a clear action plan to keep me focused.

Are you an early bird or night owl?

Mostly an early bird, but sometimes I can be somewhere in between!

What are you looking forward to about working at Payara?

Collaborating on projects with my new colleagues and looking for new challenges to support my development.

What’s your preferred quick communication style: virtual face-to-face call or rapid text chat?

Rapid text chat.

Want to join Bekah on our team? We’re currently recruiting for:

– Sales Development Representative      

– Talent Acquisition Coordinator

– Lead DevOps Engineer

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