Leaving Jakarta, Place for Jakarta EE, Programming – a Remote-First Success Story 

Being a remote-first company means our employees can make living decisions based on their needs, rather than their commute. Our brand-new Software Engineer Arie is feeling this benefit.

He lived for the last four years in Jakarta, the largest city of Indonesia, and namesake of the programming specifications for Java, used with our product, Payara Platform: Jakarta EE. He was able to move back to his hometown Banjarmasin, South Borneo, because of Payara’s remote-first policy, hiring all employees as purely remote workers.

Meet Arie!

The freedom to leave Jakarta was enabled by our Jakarta EE company!

We caught up with him in his first few weeks to find out about his likes and dislikes and working style – for example, he is a night owl, so it makes sense he always starts with the easiest tasks of the day!

What energizes you at work?

Supportive teammates that help each other, well-organized timeline and goals, and sometimes instrumental music helps a lot!

Do you have any major work pet peeves?

I dislike when I see my teammates to only focus on his/her task and they do not care about team goals.

How do you prefer to start your day?

A glass of tea, inbox checking, and start with the easiest task only if there is no urgent/high priority task.

What’s your go-to productivity trick?

Putting a most frequent application on the favourites bar, keeping a notepad open, remembering shortcut keys while coding, keeping the folder and file organized as well as mail inbox.

Are you an early bird or night owl?

Night owl.

What are you looking forward to about working at Payara?

I am excited to collaborate with and learn from the best talent in the related area, and also very excited to be able to contribute to the Payara ecosystem.

Arie sends his greetings from Banjarmasin. Pictured is the Kenanga Flower, one of the most fragrant flowers in his town and found in many places in Indonesia.

What’s your preferred communication style: email, f2f or rapid text chat?

Rapid text chat for a simple and short topic, and f2f for complex and long topic.

What’s the biggest misconception people have about your role?

Arie shared a picture of tropical fruit from his hometown: These fruits are very popular in Banjarmasin, South Borneo (Kalimantan Selatan) Indonesia called Manggis (Purple color) the taste slight hint of sourness with sweetness, and Rambutan (Red/yellow color) the taste is sweet.

The biggest misconception is people think I am tedious and not a helpful person. However, I realize this misconception is because they reach me at the wrong time where I am in focus time and can’t be interrupted.

What’s the top destination that you’ve visited OR that you plan to visit?

The Bromo mountains, Indonesia. I have a plan to visit Lombok, Indonesia.

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