Company Values: What Do They Mean for Marketeers?

Payara Services provides stable, supported open source software. Bringing our solutions to a global audience entails a wider skillset in the team than can be confined to Java developers and engineers, however. Our Marketing, Sales and HR departments have vital roles to play, with our Fish Food blogs providing a peek behind the curtain (or under the hood!) of running an award-winning, fast-growing, values-driven tech business. 

In this blog, Marketing Assistant Priya Khaira-Hanks, looks at Company Values and how they might inform and shape Marketing strategy.

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What Are Company Values?

Company values are core principles which guide your company.

Our Internal Communications and Engagement Lead Mycah Banks did a great job of explaining this in a previous blog:

“For a business, core values are the qualities that would build what those in leadership consider the ideal culture to achieve that business’s vision of success.”

As a result they are much more than just handy slogans. They are incorporated into day-to-day working life and guide the actions of all teams and individuals in the business.

How Do We Ensure Our Values Are Not Forgotten?

Payara’s Seven Core values – Community, Growth, Openness, Initiative, Trust, Excellence and Passion – remain at the centre of what we do in a variety of ways. They shape our 1-1s with our team leaders, so we can reflect on how we are embodying our team culture; we use them to teach new Payarans about what we are and what we stand for; and our internal praise system is guided by them, with awards given out according to which values a member of the team has particularly excelled in.

Our Values were even created out of fondant for a recent cake celebrating Payara being awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise, International Trade.

Payara Queen's Award for Enterprise CakePayara Queen's Award for Enterprise - Fondant Values

What Do Company Values Mean For Marketing?

There then comes the question of how we convey our values to the world as a marketeer. At the end of the day, values are just words until they come into action – and with each individual interacting with potentially hundreds of companies each day, through work and in their spare time, who is going to be able to remember all the businesses’ different values, or even care?

However, this doesn’t mean that it isn’t crucial as a marketeer to know your company’s values inside out. They must be implicit in what you do; guiding the content and tone of what you put out to the world, so that your forward-facing image is both geared for success and accurately reflects your business on the inside.

A company with good marketing should have values that don’t come as a surprise and seem consistent with their overall message.

Try This Challenge…

Can you match the business to the values?

Match the Company to the Value - without answers

Answers here

Reflecting on the answers, it is clear how each company reputation aligns with these values. It’s no coincidence – social media posts, PR stories, advertisements, even the written text on products and guidebooks, will all retain an element of the company’s values.

Creating Content

Values feed into messaging and positioning documents for each product. These are then used by marketeers to shape everything the company is “saying”, from blog copy to tweets, PPC campaigns to Instagram captions!

The steps taken by HR to keep checking back in on values has an impact too. If you are living the values as a working individual, you’ll be better suited to make sure they shape your output too.

And it’s not just HOW you talk, it’s what you choose to post. For example, our ‘Community’ value is reflected by the way our Twitter channel takes care to engage with and champion other players in the Java community – such as playing a role in the development of the Foojay platform, or organising joint events with companies like Snyk or Azul Sytems. And our Openness value speaks to the way we regularly profile how contributors on GitHub have shaped our Platform, being open about how we are developed and honouring those outside the business who are driving us forward!

Staying Focused

The way values shape content therefore could be best described as a ‘drip-down’ effect. It’s not about posting every five minutes about what your values are, but absorbing them at the beginning of your time at the business, regularly checking in on them and making sure they remain front-of-mind. As a result they will organically and obliquely influence your content.

This is crucial for helping make sure your output is consistent, all fits together into a good narrative and is aligned to your business’ ultimate purpose and method. It means that over time, the continued messages your audience are getting will build up into a distinct ‘feeling’ about your company.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, company values are about more than just internal culture. They can also have a helpful effect on your Marketing output and messaging. Just make sure that your company is taking small but useful steps to incorporate values into regular working life, and they aren’t just read once and forgotten – and your outward facing image will benefit!

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