Steve Millidge discusses Jakarta EE, the Eclipse Foundation & GlassFish’s future on the WaterWorks Podcast

Our CEO and Founder Steve Millidge is a guest on the WaterWorks podcast, the technology discussion podcast run by journalist and author John K. Waters.

Waters is the editor in chief of the Converge360 news and information sites Application Development Trends (ADT Mag), Pure AI, and Futuretech360 – with his career also including writing books, including “The Everything Guide to Social Media,” one of the first deep dives into this world-changing phenomenon, and “Blobitecture,” an exploration of an architectural and industrial design trend enabled by computer software. He also co-scripted the documentary film “Silicon Valley: A 100 Year Renaissance,” which aired on PBS.

Steve had a conversation over Zoom with John. Steve – in Malvern, England, after work – spoke to John – in his Silicon Valley office just before 9am. Their discussion was wide-ranging and insightful, covering everything from the future of Jakarta EE and how it will fare under Eclipse Foundation stewardship, to the specifics of Payara’s journey and how we got our marine logo! It’s a must listen for those interested in open source and Enterprise Java.

Listen to the Podcast Here!


waterworks podcast

They cover:

  • The longevity of Java
  • Recent changes in the enterprise Java space
  • Our Eclipse Foundation membershipand what it means for us; how being part of the Eclipse Foundation “levels the playing field”
  • Payara Services winning the Queen’s Award for Enterprise
  • Our remote working model
  • How open source makes money
  • The origins of our logo, which John deems the “mean-fish”!

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