Payara at Japan Jug CCC: Jakarta REST In Depth

This year, Payara’s Kenji Hasunuma will be participating in Japan JUG CCC Spring on May 23rd. This event is the largest Java community event organized by Japan Java User Group (JJUG), held twice a year in spring and autumn. It provides great sessions of Java-related technologies and practices and brings together Java engineers from different disciplines, and this year is being held online.

Kenji also participated in Japan JUG CCC last November, where he delivered a short Jakarta EE tutorial. This year, he goes more in depth, with a deep dive into Jakarta REST API.

Kenji at JJUG

Kenji can be found at the conference on May 23rd – time to be confirmed. He will cover:

Jakarta REST in depth

Jakarta REST (ex. JAX-RS) is an API that plays an important role in today’s Jakarta EE (ex. Java EE) and MicroProfile. Although it was developed for RESTful Web Services, it is a very generic API that can be applied to a wide range of HTTP request and response processing. This session is aimed at those who already have experience with Jakarta REST (ex. JAX-RS), to help them understand it better based on the latest specification.

Make sure you are registered via the official website in order to watch his talk:

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