Thank You Community Contributors

At Payara Services, we welcome Community contributions through our GitHub. We’re keen to celebrate hard working open source pioneers who are essential to the work we do. 

Two of our values as a company are openness – being open to new ideas, and ready to share and collaborate with others – and community – building strong relationships both internally and externally. We hope to make our Community of contributors, who work with us to make our product better and drive innovation, feel included and supported.

The ways our contributors have developed the platform this year have been varied and wide-ranging, and encompass MicroProfile, security, and various bug fixes. 

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Thank you so much for your support: 

December Release: 

  • GitHub user @bjetel,  who provided a solution that allows for unpacked WAB,  installed via Felix File Install, to be deployed successfully – in turn barring further bugs 
  • Lukáš Kvídera, providing not one but two bug fixes: providing a code clean up when embedded Payara was unable to start, and solving a synchronization issue 
  • Alexander Pinchuk provided valuable contributions to Jaeger tracing and MicroProfile configuration with Payara Platform 

October Release:

  • Sven Diedrichsen provided a fix related to a Metrics endpoint that may have caused an issue

August Release:

July Release: 

  • Our own Lenny Primak, now a Full Time Senior Test Engineer at Payara Services, provided a fix as a Community member prior to joining the team in October – proof that Community contributions can also lead to us recruiting new Payarans! 

We send branded goodies to our contributors, including stickers and t-shirts, see below:

Uniprime in T-shirts
Some of our Enterprise customers in the t-shirts we sent to contributors.
Examples of Payara Stickers
Examples of some of the Payara stickers we send to contributors.

Are you interested in contributing to the Payara Platform, and helping us drive forward the future of Jakarta EE and MicroProfile in stable production environments? 

Find our guide for contributors here and our GitHub landing page here – looking forward to seeing you there!

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