Payara & the Eclipse Foundation

The Eclipse Foundation provides an environment for Open Source collaboration and innovation. It is home to more than 375 projects – including runtimes, tools and frameworks. Oracle donated Java EE and related GlassFish technologies to the Eclipse Foundation in 2017. With Payara Platform based on the former Oracle GlassFish Server software, our Founder and Technical Director Steve Millidge knew it made sense to join the Foundation to advance Jakarta EE, the successor to Java EE.

This case study, created by the Eclipse Foundation with our input, provides more details on our membership and how it advances our work – largely in Steve’s own words.

Read the full Case Study: Payara Services Gains an Equal Footing with Industry Leaders at the Eclipse Foundation. 

It covers:

  • More information about the Eclipse Foundation and what it does
  • Why Payara joined
  • Our involvement in the Jakarta EE Working Group
  • What our specific membership package entails – we are a Contributing Member overall, and Strategic Member of the Jakarta EE Working Group
  • How we benefit from the Eclipse Public License (EPL)
  • Broader opportunities unlocked as a result of membership

Our involvement in the Eclipse Foundation is key to our business and at the heart of how we contribute to Jakarta EE and improve our products, alongside ensuring we are visible and collaborating with the global Open Source community. We hope you enjoy reading and learning more.

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