Payara Team at Conferences This Fall

Conferences may be virtual this year, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of opportunities to improve your Java EE and Jakarta EE skills and continue to learn. 

In fact, international conferences available on screen gives more opportunities to plug in wherever you are in the world. We’ve mapped them out onto their country of origin – but now, you can check into these global events from your office or bedroom. 

So, in the coming months, where can you find team Payara?

Payara Global conferences - speakers added to world map

  • Fabio Turizo: Follow your cloud (app) in real time with MicroProfile Metrics

JakartaOne Livestream in Spanish 

October 12

Fabio says: “I’m looking forward to contributing to this conference as it is the first time it has been organised for Spanish speakers! 

“I’ve been wanting to do a more detailed presentation and demo about the Eclipse MicroProfile Metrics API, since not a lot of people are fully aware of the things you can do with it and how it can tremendously help DevOps engineers to save time and money to do some pre-emptive diagnostics and checkups on their systems. MicroProfile is a still a hot topic in the Enterprise Java community so it never hurts to talk about it.”

J4K (Java for Kubernetes) 

Tuesday October 13 

Ondrej Mihalyi will cover the Jakarta EE-themed slot on Tues 11-1pm EDT, presenting:

  • a preview of Jakarta EE 9 applications running on the latest Payara Server (based on the Jakarta EE transformer project)
  • monitoring of Jakarta EE resources and applications in Payara Server

Rudy De Busscher will cover the MicroProfile slot that same day at 3-4pm EDT. He will be presenting the below demonstration:

  • MicroProfile, your CloudNative companion for Enterprise Java

Writing micro-services within Jakarta EE is technically possible, but you miss a few goodies for the distributed environment you are running in. MicroProfile wants to optimise your Enterprise Java application by creating Java standards which link to some well known CloudNative standards like etcd for Configuration, OpenTracing and Jaeger for Distributed Tracing and Prometheus for Metrics. In this talk, we go over some basic concepts of the MicroProfile specifications and show you through various demos how the integration with those tools can be done easily.

Examples of configuration, tracing, metrics and fault tolerance will be shown. After this introduction, you will know all the basics to write your next micro-service with Enterprise Java and MicroProfile.

The members of our Service team will be showcasing the features and uses of Jakarta EE and MicroProfile with Payara Platform respectively, helping to answer questions from the community members who visit the virtual booth (using the chat option), and generally providing advice to anyone who needs it around the Jakarta EE and MicroProfile topics.


You can follow this link to save your spot for either Rudy or Ondrej’s talk:

EclipseCon 2020 

October 19 – 22 

Rudy says: 

“At EclipseCon 2020, I’ll show you how to use some of the MicroProfile specifications in conjunction with CloudNative Foundation tools such as Prometheus and Jaeger. Since the conference will be virtual this year, I will miss the conversations with other Micro-Profile committers on the site.”

  • Fabio Turizo Follow your cloud (app) in real time with MicroProfile Metrics, Securing Microservices under 40 minutes with MicroProfile & Okta!

JConf Peru

October 23 – 24

Fabio will be delivering two talks at this conference, organised by the Peruvian Java User Group.


October 27 – 30 

Rudy continued: “JCon is the conference I have spoken to the most in the past, but this year it will be from home and not from the beautiful cinema location in Düsseldorf. This year’s topic will be a bit different as I explore the possibilities of writing a Kubernetes operator in Java and one of its use cases with an application server.”

  • Fabio Turizo: Easy Java Integration testing with Testcontainers

JConf Mex

14 September – 4 October

Fabio told us: “This is my second time attending. Last year the conference was in person in the beautiful Mexico City and it was a joy to get to connect to the Mexican Java community for the first time. 

“Testcontainers are a fairly recent topic that are talked about a lot due to their simplicity and power to help organizations implement integration testing in the right way. This is a topic my colleague Rudy Debusscher already has presented in other events so I’d like to have a change to bring attention to it as well. The situation in South America hasn’t improved that much, so having the conference online is an excellent way to stay connected and at the same time protect the health and well being of both speakers and the community.”

Japan Java User Group (JJUG) CCC – Japan

November 7

Kenji says: “I’ll be delivering a short Jakarta EE tutorial. Delivering the conference virtually will be a big a challenge for me – I’m used to teaching face-to-face – but I’m ready to do my best. 

Before I joined Payara, I frequently attended conferences as a community speaker. JJUG is the largest Java developer community in Japan and JJUG CCC is held every year. By joining conferences and community events as a speaker, I’m following the advice of Mr. Yoshio Terada who I studied under – a Java champion and the most famous Java engineer in Japan.”

Follow the links to find out more about each conference and sign-up. 

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