Candidate Journey – The Payara Way

At Payara Services, we care about culture and we care about our people. A lot.

As the Talent Acquisition Lead, that means I must pride myself on working hard to ensure we have a candidate journey that is fit for purpose and eliminates the one thing I dislike the most about the recruitment industry: assumption.

For me, ‘assumption’ is the mother of all evil and it always leads to a negative outlook.


People assume they aren’t good enough for a role and put themselves down, or they decide the company won’t be right because culturally they won’t accept your quirks or uniqueness. They may assume that the job may not be the right step for them in their career, before even understanding the responsibilities.

They do all of this without really finding out – they assume.

In a world where uncertainty is all around us, especially these days, it’s more important than ever for job searchers to take a step back and ask some questions – and for the company to answer them honestly.

From the very beginning, I want every applicant at Payara to understand the role, our culture, our vision, our future growth plans, and most importantly – how they fit into all of this with us. They need to know what they will be doing, how, when, why, and who with.

All of this is fundamental to ensuring that we attract the best talent, but also it is fundamental to keeping that talent at Payara and building on our successes, together.

So, my goal of making Payara your first-choice employer is always at the forefront of what I do to ensure the candidates have a simple, informative, happy journey.

Our Selection Process is Three Simple Stages

1. Candidate Video Call A perfect way to ensure candidates get all the information needed through Q&A in a very informal presentation/discussion. Candidates get to see a real face, someone they will call a ‘colleague’ if they successfully accept the offer.

2. Solo Video Interview (automated webcam interview) – Applicants that are happy knowing the role, the company, and culture, along with having suitable experience for the role, can move to this step. The solo video interview is where we formally ask questions about experience, knowledge, skills, and abilities through a recorded video interview.

3. Face to Face Interview – The exceptional candidates who have demonstrated specific criteria in their previous stages will be accepted to the final stage of the process, where they meet with the hiring manager directly in a virtual face to face interview. Here is where we dive deeper into those examples and experiences, but also reconfirm that human touch, and support the applicant with information on the team, the projects and the expectations.

The most important part about getting this process correct is the transparent communication with the candidate. It needs to be quick and easy for candidates to understand.

Remember, I do not want them to have any assumptions, instead they should be supported at each step and guided on the best way to represent themselves.

That means the hiring should be completely created towards letting them have the best opportunity to impress and be treated fairly and equally.

If you’re interested in working for a company that promotes culture and attitude above location, and appreciates individuals who continuously build their skills, please visit the website at

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