Sponsoring the Future Winners!

Payara will be renewing its company sponsorship of Emma Witherford for 2020 – 2021, enabling her to carry on achieving in her sport at a time when it is most challenging.

At Payara, we are dedicated to supporting talented individuals and this will be the third year that we have pledged sponsorship. Previously, with our financial help, she has been able to compete at the European Kayaking Championships during 2018 and the ICF World Championships in 2019, where she raced as part of the Senior GB Squad for the first time.

Emma sponsorship Kayak

Julia Millidge, HR Manager at Payara Services said: “We are excited and extremely honoured to be sponsoring Emma for the third year running. At Payara, we work incredibly hard to build an inclusive and supportive culture, which extends beyond our growing team to

the local Worcestershire community.

We are incredibly proud of Emma’s achievements over the last two years and were delighted to be sponsoring her again, especially during these challenging and uncertain times.

We as a company feel that she embodies the “Payaran” values of excellence, initiative, community, growth, openness, trust and most of all, passion. We wish Emma every success and cannot wait to see her continued growth and achievements over the coming year.”

Emma’s usual daily training routine has been disrupted since the Covid-19 lockdown rules were put in place this year.

Emma added: “The coronavirus outbreak has brought about a numb

er of unprecedented challenges that have affected everyone, including sports people and athletes, with the imposed restrictions squashing our extremely structured daily routines.

In the space of just a few weeks, my final year of university was left to be completed at home, local and international competitions were postponed or cancelled (including a home nation’s World Cup in Nottingham!), and my training facilities closed their doors – unknowing to when they may reopen.

Training in my converted summerhouse mini-gym has been slightly different to visiting the National Watersports Centre 3-4 times a week, but combined with walking and cyclin

g in the afternoons, I’ve quickly adapted to my new ‘normal’.

Although I can’t wait to get back to what I love doing with no restrictions, the pandemic has allowed me to learn about myself and my approach to training, as well as focus my energy into what I can control – university work, training, and nutrition.”

Currently ranked 3rd in last year’s GB selection, Emma hopes to compete in the European Championships in October this year, as well as the ICF World Championships in Nottingham in 2021, however, whether these events will take place is currently unknown.


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