Payara Splits Products Into Enterprise and Community

From its latest release on the 16th June 2020, Payara separates its software into the Payara Platform Enterprise Edition and the Payara Platform Community Edition.

Where the Payara Platform Enterprise is designed to increase stability and security in production environments, allowing access to production-oriented features, tools and capabilities; the Payara Platform Community is targeted at developers looking to play with the latest features and APIs during development.

Previously, Payara Platform offered three release streams:

  • Community – quarterly releases containing new features, bug fixes and patches, available to all Payara Server and Payara Micro users.
  • Features – monthly patches and fixes added to the regular quarterly releases, available to customers only.
  • Stability – monthly bug fixes and security patches and no new features for 12 months to boost the stability of production environments, available to customers only.

Now, both the Stability Stream and Features Stream  combine to form Payara Platform Enterprise. Instead of having to choose between the potential instability of the Features Stream or having no new features for 12 months in the Stability Stream, customers will receive the benefits of both with Payara Server Enterprise or Payara Micro Enterprise.

Steve Millidge, Founder of Payara Services commented: “This change to Payara Enterprise and Payara Community simplifies our product offering and delivers benefits to all users of the Payara Platform.Community users get more frequent releases, delivering the opportunity to experiment with the latest and greatest technologies faster. Payara Enterprise customers get a simplified product with the benefits of both of our current streams, production ready software that delivers new capabilities and is ready for mission critical operational environments.”

The Community Stream becomes the Payara Platform Community Edition and provides a frequent release cycle to drive faster innovation. Payara Server Community and Payara Micro Community are dedicated to rapid change and innovation, giving developers a place to play with the latest features of the Payara Platform as soon as possible.

Aimed at users currently running Payara Server or Payara Micro in production environments, the fully supported and stable Payara Platform Enterprise has been designed for mission critical systems and containerised Jakarta EE (Java EE) and MicroProfile applications.


The new software is available to download from:

Learn more about Payara Platform Community vs Payara Platform Enterprise:

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