What can you expect dealing with Payara Sales?

My name is Stuart Allen and I am responsible for ensuring the business hits our commercial goals. I give the team here a high degree of authority and here’s why…

One of the key attributes of a ‘star salesperson’ is the ability to make a decisive decision quickly and then to ACT on it. People that take effective action quicker, by their very nature, are more efficient workers.

Salespeople with a high degree of authority think and act far quicker than salespeople with low authority. When you have a high degree of authority, you can think for yourself. When you have little or no authority you must rely on other people to make decisions for you. The problem is that when we don’t need to think for ourselves, we don’t learn anything! A good example of this is satellite navigation; try NOT using it next time you do a long journey to somewhere you have been to just once before.

Although we take action quickly, decisive salespeople must always remember that the clients we are dealing with may not be as decisive or quick to make decisions as we are. Some clients want infinite detail and others will want to refer our offering to higher authorities in their own time. Whilst we will try, we may not get direct access to these people ourselves. Worst of all we may find ourselves ‘selling to a committee’ where everyone has a different agenda!

Here are a dozen top observations that make exceptional salespeople:

  • They can research and analyse data quickly to create a compelling and unique client approach or solution
  • They don’t‘sweat the small stuff’
  • They take decisive action
  • They understand that NOT all people are like them
  • They adapt ‘style’without losing their own authenticity
  • They ‘truly’ listen
  • They ask great questions
  • They can diagnose a wide variety of business issues
  • They understand the prospects buying cycle and respect it
  • They are ‘smart’ but NEVER‘flashy’
  • They understand the value of their solution and can articulate it with relevance to each client situation
  • They don’t chase the impossible deal at the expense of the probable!

There you have it, my thoughts on effective salespeople. This is also what you can expect when dealing with the Payara Enterprise Sales Team.

This blog was written and posted in 45 minutes with no debate, no drama, no delay, just ‘Action’!

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