UK National Apprenticeship Week

Apprenticeship Week is always a great opportunity for Payara to showcase what we do well – encourage and support new talent! This week our current apprentices attended a local High School Apprenticeship Fayre to raise awareness of Payara’s role as a Degree Apprenticeship provider. This face to face opportunity to share knowledge and first-hand experience of apprenticeships with both parents and students is great for recruitment and raising our business profile locally.

In the UK there is a growing trend among employers to see the benefits of offering apprenticeships to those entering the workforce or wanting to up-skill in their current role. The benefits are quite clear compared to alternatives – traditional university graduates or school leavers – and many employers are now working with accredited apprenticeship training providers to offer this opportunity in the work place. For those about to enter the workforce, and those wanting to up-skill, there are many benefits too – no student debts, earning a real living salary, working with experienced colleagues to learn relevant knowledge and skills, and being supported in their learning by training providers. The ‘Earn While You Learn’ model is beginning to become a much sought after route!

Payara has been offering Degree Level Apprenticeships for many years, partnering with Aston University as the training provider, and our apprentices are showing they can excel in this role both in University and in the workplace. Apprenticeships are just one part of Payara’s ‘Grow Our Own’ strategy which aims to develop and grow new talent from within our business.

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