Holding it All Together – The Office Manager

Am I the Office Manager or….. the Administrative Officer, Office Services Coordinator, Administrative Services Coordinator, Administrative Support?………yes, it is all very confusing as there are so many titles for this invaluable role.

At Payara Services Ltd I am the Office Manager and I aim to create and maintain a pleasant work environment, ensuring high levels of organizational effectiveness, communication and safety. In other companies, this could also cover HR duties, operational duties, administrative duties and finance duties, but luckily, Payara has their own HR/ Ops and Finance Departments and we all work closely together.

So, What Does the Payara Office Manager Do?

There is always something to doresponsibilities include ordering office supplies, greeting visitors and new employees on their first days with Payara Services, sorting out office insurances and providing general administrative support to the employees. Its also essential to have experience with a variety of office software (email tools, spreadsheets and databases).

At Payara the office manager role covers a wide remit – from managing the daily workings of the UK office building, to working with HR to ensure our remote teams are as engaged in company activities as the UK office based people……and combining both of these is a challenge.

There are many parts to an office manager’s role but my favourites are arranging birthday cards for our staff and suppliers and giving out SPOT Recognition and Reward awards to members of staff when they have been nominated by their fellow workers for going above and beyond their work requirements.

Let Me Show you a Funny Story

Office management image

The role of Office Manager can prove challenging at times but creating a great work environment that employees enjoy coming to every day makes it worthwhile.

And Finally, the Glue

As we have mentioned above the role of Office Manager can have many titles and the remit of responsibilities much depends on the size, needs and sector the business is in, but one thing is clear – the role is fundamental to the effective and smooth running of any business

In Payara, just like a growing number of other SMEs, the role of Office Manager is best summed up as the ‘glue’ that holds distributed teams together through legal, administrative and engagement activities. Without this ‘glue’ and the constant and flexible way the role evolves and responds to business needs, many businesses will fail. Businesses cannot afford to ignore the role, and instead should reward this role within their business, as it can hold the key to both financial and people success which lies at the heart of every business.

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