Video Storytelling for Business Marketing

More than half of marketing professionals rely on video marketing techniques (according to Hubspot) because… well, because they work! Plus, more than 50% of consumers prefer to watch video content over receiving emails, reading blog posts, or viewing marketing messages on social media – so why wouldn’t you want to communicate with your prospective customers in the way in which they prefer to receive the information?

Video marketing is affordable and easy to implement – but to make the biggest impact on your customers, you need a video that also has a “good story”:

A story helps consumers understand your brand’s purpose and make an emotional connection. When people are connected, they are inspired to act –  the action could involve sharing the video with others, responding to your specific call-to-action for more information, buying your product, or developing deep brand loyalty. Videos can tell the story of your company mission or values or how how your product or service benefits the users. Perhaps the best use of video storytelling in business marketing is through the use of video testimonials. Who hasn’t read a customer testimonial and wondered if it was fabricated? Have you ever scrolled through product testimonials for something you’re thinking about buying on Amazon and thought they all sounded fake? It’s hard to trust written testimonials, but a video testimonial is visual proof that the customer is sharing their actual experience.

Video testimonials humanize your brand by showing potential customers a “real person” who benefits from using your product or service, is more memorable and relatable than simply reading words on a web page, and delivers the information in the preferred format for most consumers.

Payara Customer Stories

Payara recently reached out to HyperWallet (A PayPal Service) for a video testimonial about their experience with Payara Enterprise Server.  A prospect wondering how Payara Enterprise Server helps an organization can watch the short video and hear the benefits directly from the customer in a storytelling format – it’s more authentic and memorable than just printing the words of the testimonial on a screen.

HyperWallet Video testimonial

Do you use video storytelling in your business? What kind of results are you getting from the strategy?

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