Halloween 2018 at Payara UK

It all started with a Halloween party invitation last October.

As I haven’t been to a Halloween Party since I was in my early teenage years -many, many years ago!- I got overexcited one evening and purchased a few spooky items online to wear at the party: wig, face painting and some unnerving crazy lenses.

Halloween Payara team dress-up in front of Payara HQ

In order to maximise the usage of my purchase, the next day, I suggested to the Marketing team in the office that we all dress up for Halloween. They promptly accepted the idea and skillfully promoted it to the office team.

On Wednesday, the 31st October 2018, I was one the first one to arrive in our Malvern office. A few minutes later I was sweating under my acrylic wig, worrying that I would be the only one to embrace the scary dress up day and ridiculously stand out of the cool Payaran crowd.

To my relief, the second person to arrive in the office was one of our developers, Mark. He arrived dressed up as a kind of mysterious caveman. And I’m politely using the word mysterious, because I could barely recognize him under his long unkept wig and beard. If he was planning to look scary that worked for me!

He was quickly followed by a Leprechaun and Pumpkin. Phew! I was not alone. Jadon, our Marketing wizard, opted for a discreet Beemo jumper. I’m still trying to figure out what was scary about it. But hey ho that’s kind of an outfit, right?

Everyone else in the office decided to sit back and have fun looking at us trying to go through our working day in our ghostly outfits.

Overall dressing up for Halloween here in our Payara office was fun – and I can even say it was a good ‘team building experience’ as we all had a good laugh together.

Looking forward to whatever Halloween 2019 event may happen here in our Malvern headquarters!

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