Payara Sponsors Marine Conservation Society

We are proud to announce that Payara have pledged our support this year to the Marine Conservation Society UK (MCSUK) as Gold Company Members.

What’s MCSUK?

Julia Millidge and Marine Conservation Society

As the UK’s leading marine charity, MCSUK was established in 1983 for the creation and management of marine protected areas throughout the UK. For over 35 years the organisation has researched, campaigned, lobbied and led cleaning initiatives to improve the country’s coasts and seas.

MCSUK also set sustainable standards for the entire cycle of seafood consumption – from the fishing industry to advice for the most (and least) sustainable seafood we can put on our plates (you can check out their Good Fish Guide here). In addition, MCSUK carry out hundreds of beach cleans and quality surveys each year while working with companies and communities to ensure a high standard for UK bathing waters.

How did Payara become an MCSUK supporter?

Payara were accepted as Gold Members after a screening process with MCSUK representatives to ensure that Payara met MCSUK’s standard of eco-responsibility. They were satisfied with our detailed Environmental and Sustainability Policies (which include our paperless and recycling policies and our commitment to minimising carbon emissions and to sustainable office supply resourcing).

After passing their initial standards interview, Payara made a financial contribution to the organisation, which they will use to clean and sustain marine ecosystems throughout the UK.

What does this membership mean for Payara?

In addition to Payara’s financial contribution, we hope that this commitment inspires us as a whole business and as individual Payarans to make eco-conscious decisions, with special attention to our impact on the marine ecosystem.

Why are we investing in MCSUK?


We are very proud to join such an effective organisation whose influence and actions have improved the UK’s coasts and seas for more than three decades and continue to strengthen their impact. As a benefit to both the environment and to future generations, marine conservation is a cause that Payara earnestly supports, and we consider this membership to be another active step in Payara’s commitment to policies and partnerships which acknowledge that we are part of something much greater than ourselves.

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