Fruity Friends

Our health is something many of us don’t really appreciate until we lose it!

At Payara Services, we have become increasingly aware of the need to make sure everyone is healthy and happy and as a result, we have started rolling out a variety of activities and initiatives across the company to celebrate, encourage, and support great health.

Nibbling All Day Long

fruit on a desk

Fruit is a funny thing. When it sits on the counter in its packaging or skin, people tend to pick at it at best – or ignore it at worst, yet if it’s cut up into bite sized chunks, people are more likely to consume it! In the Malvern office, we have started presenting fruit in this more manageable way – small bite size chucks perfect for nibbling on while in a meeting or working at your desk. Each week, fresh seasonal (and where possible, local) fruit is brought to the office for everyone to share. We call this Fruity Friends! Apple

Encouraging everyone to nibble on fruit throughout the day minimizes the need to rush to the convenience stores for unhealthy snacks. Combined with our new reusable water bottles with the Payara logo – our team can make sure to stay hydrated, too. Orchards are plentiful around the Malvern area and sometimes we fall into a rut, but generally we really enjoy the variety of fruit on offer and what we can do with it.

Worcestershire Works Well

Worcestershire Works Well is a funded program that encourages the great work businesses are doing in helping to improve their staff’s health and well being. Working with businesses to a set of standards, the program aims to offer an accreditation scheme that is recognizable as a gold standard. At Payara we are well on our way to achieving this accreditation and Fruity Friends is just a small part of this.

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