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This week we hosted James Parish who wanted a hands-on experience with infrastructure and to learn more about how a business works. We were happy to oblige! Below are some of his thoughts on how his time with us went.

Over the past 2 days, I’ve been involved with some work experience at Payara. I decided to have more of a hands-on experience with infrastructure within a business and to learn more about how a business works. I loved the mood of the work environment that I was in as it was much more of a friendly and casual atmosphere than I had expected. People are friends with each other here, not just colleagues. They were very happy to answer any questions that I had and help when I needed. It was the exact kind of environment that I would hope to be involved in when I get a job in this field.

intern with Payara T-shirt

There were more sides to the business than I thought, from the marketing to the developers, admin work as well as HR and customer support. I enjoyed the tasks that I was given and had very hands-on jobs like I wanted to have. I got the chance to install windows on a machine and work with the laptops to install drivers etc. which is exactly the things I wanted experience with, for a potential job in the future as well as for my own personal computer and projects in the future. I also helped with arranging the tech within the office which, may seem boring to some people, I had a lot of fun doing because of my love for technology.

Overall, may experience at Payara, even though it was a shorter one than others may have, was a great one and taught me a lot about what I would like in a job in the future and how businesses work. I would massively recommend taking the opportunity to work in this company and any others like it. Hopefully I will have the chance to come back and do this all over again in the future.

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