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This week we were happy to host William and Imogen who joined us in the Malvern Office for a work experience placement. As an organisation we have been dedicated to involving ourselves and providing educational opportunities for young students. Including our apprenticeship program, work experience placements, speaking at schools and events. Below is a summary from William and Imogen on how they felt about the experience.


This week I had the privilege of a placement at Payara, and I’m very please to have come away with a confident & developed experience of what it means to work in the software development industry. Although I have always had a strong interest in coding, I decided to choose a generalist week – to get a feel of every role within a business, no matter what industry I choose to enter in the future. From HR and finance to sales and support, there are more angles to every business than I thought imaginable.

The staff have been incredibly warm and welcoming to me this week, and a privilege to shadow over the last few days. Never has there been a dull question, and they have been more than happy to answer any thoughts or queries I had about their line of work. The small tasks they set me were easy to follow, but still gave me a wider view of how they go about their work. Even if I don’t end up in the IT industry, this has been a great education for roles that are prominent in all areas of career paths.

Overall, this experience has been revolutionary in my thoughts and I would strongly recommend it to anyone else who is considering going into the IT sector, as this is an excellent way to building up your choices for post-further education. I would happily work through another placement here at Payara again, and am incredibly pleased with my time spent with the company – and what I have gotten out of this work experience.


This week, I completed my school work experience with the Malvern Payara team. I chose to spend most of my time with the development team who were happy to answer any questions or change things around so that tasks better suited my needs. The office atmosphere was also great; I felt comfortable to approach anyone and enjoyed listening to the team banter.

Over the course of the week, I learnt about the task management software the office uses and was set a variety of research and coding tasks. These give me an insight into the tools that the engineering team uses daily. I also got the opportunity to spend some time in the support department of the company and learnt about the multi-faceted role of the support staff and the hidden complexity of the job.

The week was all about me, everyone was happy to provide whatever it was I needed, whether that be kind words and timetable changes to help with health issues or giving me some extra help with a difficult task. The whole office was helpful and considerate. This made me feel welcome and comfortable and made an enjoyable week even better.

I have learnt a lot from this week and hope to work in a company like Payara one day.

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