Customers Share Benefits of Payara Enterprise Support

Companies worldwide from multinationals to SMES, are investing heavily on Payara Enterprise. As the support service has a long list of benefits, we decided to analyse our customer survey, testimonials, and case studies to create a list of the top three benefits our customers enjoy with a Payara Enterprise Support contract.

Premium Level of Support

Raising tickets when facing issues is the top Payara Enterprise benefit mentioned in our customer survey.

Companies that invested in this service are looking for straightforward, personalised and high-quality answers to their questions. And this is exactly what they are getting with Payara Enterprise.

Hyperwallet, a PayPal Service, shared the following review recently:

“We have been working with the Payara Support Team for the last couple of months and, so far, we are positively impressed with the response level and the quality of documentation provided by the Payara engineers. The whole support team is aware of our circumstances resulting in a support service that offers straight forward solutions for our specific issues”.

A crucial point here is that help is not limited to issues on Payara Server only, but also to other systems that interact with it. Our customers, BMW Group, shared the following:

“Regardless of where the root cause of the problem is located, either in Payara Server source code or application source code, the Support Team helped to find a solution and resolve the issue. BMW Group has found that all major blocking issues have been resolved and newly found bugs are dealt with appropriately.”

Access to Additional Release Streams

Early access to all security and bug fixes via the stability and security release streams is also amongst the top benefits revealed by our customers.

Rakuten Card recently received an Award for the high stability of their Payara Enterprise applications.

Access to hot and backported fixes are shortening the time for companies to gain access to fixes. This is a valuable benefit mainly for financial companies due to PCI compliance – The Payment Card Industry Security Standard- which has strict guidelines in relation to bug fixes.

“Payara Platform is super stable and patches to issues are delivered faster than we notice them! For me, as a developer, it is important to have access to a Nexus server where I can automatically download the latest releases”, said Martin Gysel, Project Manager at Swisscom.

OpenJDK Support

OpenJDK support for Zulu Enterprise also topped the preferred Payara Enterprise benefits list.

As per Simon Ritter’s latest blog post, Zulu Enterprise stands out of the OpenJDK crowd as it has defined service-level agreements (SLAs) for how quickly updates are made available after Oracle releases theirs.

And Payara Enterprise customers receive notifications as soon as those updates are available. Many have opted to automate their JDK updating process.

Payara Enterprise is a product that brings a wealth of benefits for companies worldwide. It includes support offered directly by a passionate and vibrant engineering team combined with increased security and stability from the JVM on up.

You can also speak directly with the User Engagement and Support team about Payara Enterprise via the contact form.

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