Payara Japan Tour 2019

Recently a few of us from the Payara team went on a grand adventure to tour some of the major cities of Japan. Our mission was to team up with our Japanese partner, Yusuke Yamamoto from Samuraism, and run a series of talks at Java User Groups in: Okayama, Nagoya, Osaka, Sapporo and Tokyo. In Tokyo we visited the GlassFish user group and also sponsored and presented at the bi-annual JJUG event, the largest Java conference in Japan.

I thought I would chronicle our adventure with a gallery of pictures to illustrate what we got up to and the friends we made:

Group of 4 people

Our merry band from left to right: Ondrej Mihalyi, Jadon Ortlepp, Yusuke Yamamoto and Kenji Hasunuma.

cork coaster with the Payara logo

Yusuke made us these very cool cork coasters to use as promotional swag!

Samuraism stand

Samuraism had a great stand at JJUG, full of fun stuff for attendees to take away. Yusuke ran a demo about rapid development using the Payara Platform, IntelliJ, and other tools.

Bullet Train

The Shinkansen train service is amazing. These “bullet trains” made it incredibly easy to travel from city to city, hitting speeds of up to 320KM/H!

Presenter in front of a group of people

Kenji delivered talks on “What’s New in Jakarta EE and Eclipse GlassFish (May 2019)” and “Previewing Payara Platform 5.192”.

Group of people with drinks

We had some amazing hosts at each event who took us to some incredible “Izakayas” for food and drinks after the talks.

Presenter in front of a group

Ondrej spoke about: “Effective Cloud-ready Apps with MicroProfile”

Person holding a sign

Ondrej even won himself a hamper of Japanese meat with this competition entry!

Sumo Tournament

We were also lucky enough to have some free time in between events where we decided to watch the May Grand Sumo Tournament.

Group of 4 people

It was fantastic to also run into some old friends!

Group of 3 people

Yoshio Terada has been a good friend to us since we started visiting Japan a few years ago, it was lovely to catch up with him in Tokyo.

After party

People at a party dinner table

There was an amazing atmosphere at the JJUG after AFTER party. And the food was incredible.

Japanese park

In amongst the metropolis landscape of the cities, it was lovely to stumble upon these historic and beautiful sites.

Person holding a cork coaster

And lastly, we visited Sapporo where we had a very warm welcome and delivered our final talks for the tour.

etch a sketch

All in all, between the JUG events, the conference and the social networking, we had a very successful trip and are very much looking forward to returning in the near future.

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