Happy 21st Birthday Matt Gill!

CONGRATULATIONS and CELEBRATIONS to our Senior Apprentice Matt Gill who is celebrating his 21st birthday. As 21 is still a ‘special’ birthday in the UK, Payara has given Matt a birthday gift and card and even some celebratory balloons for his desk. Matt brought in a tray of birthday cupcakes to share which were very appreciated.

We all wish Matt a very happy birthday and started to think what he can now do in the UK ‘legally’ which include ;

  • Apply to adopt a child.
  • Hold an airline transport pilot’s licence for an aeroplane, helicopter and gyro plane.
  • Apply for a provisional licence to drive a large passenger vehicle or heavy goods vehicle.
  • Supervise a learner driver (providing you have held a full licence for the same type of vehicle for at least three years)

Not sure any of these are on his to do list in the next few years but you never know!

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