Career Fair at The Chase School

Recently I had an opportunity to take part in a career fair hosted by The Chase School. The school is adjacent to our office which has led to the development of a special relationship between the school and our company. We have taken students for work experience and apprenticeships over the past few years.  We are always looking for opportunities to find new talent locally, and the career fair provided exactly that. The fair was attended by students in year 11 – 13. This provided an excellent platform to promote our degree apprenticeship.

Degree apprenticeship is a fairly new type of programme offered by some universities. As part of this apprenticeship, a student can achieve a full bachelor’s degree whilst also gaining experience in the industry. You can find more information about this click here.

The work experience obtained from a degree apprenticeship is immensely advantageous for your career. As someone who did a traditional degree and having worked closely with our own degree apprentices, I will say that doing a degree apprenticeship provides a great opportunity to achieve a degree qualification and get invaluable experience in the industry. Another benefit that turns me green with envy is not having to leave university with a huge amount of student loan. If all of the benefits I have mentioned here haven’t sold the degree apprenticeship to you, you also earn a salary!

During the fair, we were able to meet and speak with a lot of very keen students and develop a special relationship with them which isn’t possible without a face-to-face meeting. Having been a novice to all of this myself, I was quite impressed by how passionate and well-informed some of the students were about the tech industry. It also provided excellent networking opportunities to connect with these students who have an interest in our field of work and could become potential employees in the future. I was also glad to clear up some of the stigmas surrounding an apprenticeship like; it is an easier option for people who didn’t perform well at A-Levels to be able to gain higher education, or it isn’t suitable for STEM subjects.

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