Rakuten Card Won an Award with Payara Server

We are proud to announce that Rakuten Card has recently received the IT encouragement award for delivering “Highly available financial services using open source application server and global collaboration with Payara“.

Since 1983, the annual Information Technology Awards by the Japan Institute of Information Technology had been awarded to the Japanese companies that made an amazing achievement for their business using information technology. See here to find out more about the award.

Established as its own credit card brand in 2005, Rakuten Card Co., Ltd. is a Japanese credit card company formerly known as Rakuten Credit, Inc. It is the No 1 Credit card issuer in Japan and the No 1 credit card company in customer satisfaction. It aims to achieve up to US$72 billion in annual card shopping turnover from 20 million credit card members by 2020.

Rakuten Card encountered many bugs and errors with their previous application server that caused reliability and stability issues. They were unable to solve these issues with their current support provider. After migrating to Payara Server they found the solution more regularly updated and much more reliable, achieving 99.9 % availability. The Payara Support Services were prompt and resolved queries effectively. Find out more in the Rakuten & Payara Case Study.

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