The Internal Knowledge Pool

One of the most amazing things about working at Payara is the number of ‘experts’ we have.

People who have huge amounts of knowledge and skills gained from years of experience doing a job they love and have a passion for.

So how do we, as a business, capture this and what do we do with it?

At Payara, we break knowledge gain down into three basic streams:

  • Task based research (TBR) – finding specific info to carry out a task
  • Colleague knowledge share (CKS) – spending time with a more knowledgeable and experienced colleague who offers their insight and develops your skills set
  • Professional development (PD) – fully committing to developing your professional skills and knowledge by completing a body of work either on or offline…usually with a certificate at the end

The human resources department realised that by formalising some of the CKS and blending it with PD, we could capture some of the most interesting and beneficial information and make it scalable and accessible to all whenever needed – and that is how our internal knowledge pool will grow.

Let it Grow

Developing the process around identifying and capturing knowledge has taken time and planning. Getting it right is important to us so spending time discussing and refining it was really important. Now, we have a policy and process which gives a clear step-by-step approach which can be used by any team in the business to develop an Internal Knowledge Pool. We are still in the beta- testing stage but we hope the feedback we get we will enable us to assess not only the process success, but build in evaluation of the knowledge captured and the delivery of it to individuals or teams.

Excellence: We Value It!

As a business we know the importance of investing time and resources to develop our people into the best they can be. There are benefits for both the individual and the business through this people development and it shows our commitment to retaining some of the most amazing people within our community. It’s also a great way of raising self esteem and supporting our ‘Grow our Own’ recruitment strategy- what is not to like?

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