Supporting Our Community… with Pancakes!

As a company, Payara takes community very seriously and likes to participate in supporting events in the local area. One of the most recent events that I was able to participate in was the Pancake Race held by Malvern Rotary Club this year on (you guessed it!) Pancake Day – Tuesday, the 5th of March.

For those who don’t know, a Pancake Race behaves as a kind of relay race with the simple twist of having to stop at bases to flip pancakes before you can move on. The event was carried out in a tournament format with teams of four going head-to-head in a battle of fast-paced and fun pancake flipping madness.

Cuba Stanley pancake flipping at Malvern Rotary Club

The event was held as a fundraiser to help support research into curing and preventing Polio, which the company contributed to through donation and sending in the team of apprentices to compete in the “Elites” set of races (although I don’t know that we’d call ourselves elites when it comes to flipping pancakes). Regardless, it was a pleasure to take part in.

Cuba Stanley pancake flipping at Malvern Rotary Club
For me, the event was a fantastic, fun experience and a brilliant way to bring the whole community together to support a worthy cause. Being able to compete alongside good work colleagues makes for a perfect combo and I look forward to the next event. Just remember to wear grippy shoes… I learned that the hard way…

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