Being Welcomed As A New Starter

When I started at Payara, the company treated me and the other new starting apprentice to a meal out with the rest of the engineering team.

I think most people would agree with me when I say starting at a new job is daunting. And furthermore, I think most would agree that getting to know your new colleagues can be a large factor in that. Honestly, that was how I was feeling about coming into the new role and approaching this meet-the-team opportunity. But in reality? It made the experience much easier and much more comfortable!

We were taken out to a local restaurant as a chance to get to know the other people we’d be working with, and to ask questions – but ultimately to settle in and have a good time. I felt it was a wonderful way of welcoming us into the company, especially given the tight-knit nature that Payara has in its working community.

I certainly feel that it was a pleasant and valuable thing from the view of integrating into my new role as a member of the Payara family and not “just another employee”. Sitting down to an evening meal with the whole team really gave the chance to get to know people on a more personal level, being able to hear about everyone’s interests and passions beyond what they do in the company and I feel that to be a very important thing. Ultimately, I’m grateful for how welcoming the company has been and this experience did nothing but add to that feeling of being a wanted part in the bigger picture.

Cuba and Alan

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