Macmillan Cancer Support Charity Fundraiser

I LOVE cake so any excuse to start baking is great. This year, the office staff in Payara UK decided to mix things up and offer a baked goods delivery service to the surrounding businesses…all for a price of course! This is a fundraiser after all! We requested donations in exchange for baked goods for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Within the Payara office we have quite a split between sweet and savoury lovers ….many like cake and sweet pastries …others prefer a sausage roll or pasty. So, to make sure everyone felt included in the baking we offered the potential to make either. We asked the surrounding businesses to let us know about a week in advance how many sweet and savoury boxes they wanted and on the day of the bake sale, we made sure that we crammed each box with up to 5 or 6 baked goodies. In the savoury boxes there were sausage rolls, mini beef pies, cheese straws, cheese and onion dumplings and mini quiche. In the sweet boxes there were cupcakes, flapjack slices, sponge cakes, apple pies and biscuits. Yummmmm!

Now the tricky part of the operation! We had promised the surrounding offices to make delivery in time for their morning break, so after loading up many boxes we aimed to find the right office to make the deliveries. Most offices were eagerly waiting for their delivery and a very quick trade took place – boxes delivered = donation made – and everyone was happy …..but one delivery caused a huge problem. As some of the surrounding companies work in secure buildings, access codes are required for entry. No access code meant no delivery…this was a problem! After trying to attract the attention of anyone in the office and failing … we had to call the central reception desk and ask them to phone through to the company and ask them to come to their secured doors to collect their boxes. Not sure if they ended up having coffee and cake during their morning break …but by lunch time all boxes had been delivered and we were receiving lots of complimentary emails and thanks for organizing the event on behalf of the charity! In total we raised £111 and had great fun in doing so. Well done to all the bakers – you are all stars.

About Macmillan Cancer Support

In the UK, Macmillan Cancer Support offers fantastic and much valued support to those who are suffering from a cancer diagnosis – both the individual and their family and friends. My mum died of breast cancer and I know from personal experience the wonderful work they do. They offer care and patience and always a shoulder to cry on when the times are the darkest. They are fully funded by donations from the public. Even the smallest donations can make a difference.

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