Payara Enterprise Support Pricing

Our prices are calculated in bands, giving you the flexibility to change the number of Payara Server/Micro units within that band range without having to contact us to change the details on your support contract.

To work out the number of Units needed, count all Payara Server and/or Payara Micro JVMs or instances you run in:

  • Production,
  • Pre-production,
  • Disaster recovery and
  • Multi-user test environments (User Acceptance Test; System Test; Integration Test etc.)

The ones that your developers use on their local machines are not counted.

  • 1 Unit = 1 Payara Server Java Virtual Machine (JVM), DAS or instance
  • 1 Unit = 6 CPU cores. Cores can be physical or virtual – just choose the cheapest option for you.

Choose whichever combination of units works best for you!

You can mix and match the type of support for your Payara Server and Payara Micro units. E.g. you can choose the 10 x 5 level of support for your testing units and 24 x 7 for your production environment.

Need some help? Interested in Unlimited Support? No problem – contact our Sales Team!

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Band Units10x5 Support24x7 Support
12 months contract minimum. All prices listed are in USD, excl VAT, per annum. A monthly payment plan comes with 10% extra charge. We offer 20% discount for 3 year contracts – contact sales for more info.

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Number of Units or Cores
1 Unit = 6 CPU Cores

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