Using Payara Platform with Docker on Microsoft Azure

In this user guide, we’ll show you how to deploy your Payara Micro-based application using a Docker Image on the Azure Platform. We focus on the Container as a Service option where the Microsoft Azure Platform provides all the capabilities for running your applications through the usage of a Docker Container in the cloud. Azure is ideal for creating traditional Payara Platform domain deployments where existing applications are lifted and shifted to the cloud.

In this guide:

  • Getting started on the Microsoft Azure Platform using Azure Portal
  • Get Started with Docker on Azure
  • Prepare Docker Image to Run Your Payara Micro Application as a Docker Container on Azure
  • Deploy Application through Azure Portal
  • Deploy Application through Azure CLI

Category: User Guide

Subject: Containers, Docker, Microsoft Azure, Payara Micro, Persona Dev Lead, Persona Developer, Persona Ops Manager

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