Using Hazelcast SQL with Payara Micro

The Hazelcast In-Memory Data Grid is an efficient way of storing data in a distributed way within the memory of the different processes of the cluster. The distributed design, however, means that searching the data locally in your process is not efficient. All data needs to be ‘moved’ to your instance so that it can be accessed. Hazelcast allows distributed queries so that the search is performed where the data is, and only the results are transferred to your process. With Hazelcast SQL, the Distributed Query capabilities are wrapped in another well-known concept by developers and easier to use. Since the Payara products already use Hazelcast IMDG, using the Hazelcast SQL capabilities is straightforward. You only need to add the additional JAR library and can start using it.

Category: Tutorial

Subject: Clustering, Payara Micro

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