Security Auditing in Payara Server

This guide explains and demonstrates the security auditing best practises and features you can find in Payara Server

Security is always a concern you must have when implementing applications that will run in production environments. Both the JVM and Payara® Server have a strong tool set of security implementations for most use cases in the industry, so you won’t have to worry about implementing your own security measures from scratch. Even if you implement all security measures needed to protect the integrity and confidentiality of your data, considering the human component of your application is something many engineers tend to forget!

Identifying who can access sensitive data in your application at specific times, and how, is a crucial task that can be eased with the audit-logging capabilities that come into Payara Server.

Security Auditing is the process of identifying and registering specific security events (like authentication and authorization events executed by the JACC container) and creating an audit trail that can be used to determine the effectiveness of these measures.

Category: User Guide

Subject: Developer Lead Resources, Ops Manager Resources, Payara Server, Security

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