Payara Server Enterprise Data Sheet

You need the right application server to develop and deploy applications that enable you to stay one step ahead of your competitors. Changing business demands require a flexible middleware platform that supports continuous development, reliability, and secure deployments of Jakarta EE (Java EE) applications in any environment: on premise, in the cloud or hybrid.

A stable platform with monthly releases, bug fixes, and a 10-year software lifecycle, Payara Server is aggressively compatible with the ecosystem components you’re already using, provides broad integration with cloud vendors, and support for Docker and Kubernetes.

Development in collaboration with an industry-leading DevOps team and the global Payara community ensures Payara Server is the best option for production Jakarta EE (Java EE)  applications today and for the future.

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Category: Datasheet

Subject: Clustering, Deployment Groups, Developer Lead Resources, Java Developer Resources, Ops Manager Resources, Payara Server

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