Migrating from TomEE to Payara Server 5

The Apache TomEE product is built on top of Apache Tomcat. The TomEE server implements the Java EE specification and some versions have support for the MicroProfile specifications. Payara Server is based on the Jakarta EE and MicroProfile standards and since the TomEE server only provides a few specific features added on top of the Java EE standards, migrating from TomEE to Payara should be extremely easy to do.

In this guide:

  • TomEE versions
  • TomEE and Payara Server support for Jakarta EE and MicroProfile standards
  • JDK Support
  • Configuration
  • Monitoring
  • Serverless
  • Clustering
  • Testing Tools
  • IDEs

Category: User Guide

Subject: Clustering, Deployment Groups, Migration, Persona Dev Lead, Persona Developer, Persona Ops Manager, TomEE

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