Key Considerations When Scaling Your Jakarta EE Application

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Scaling, when applied to software development, often refers to increasing the size of an application so it continues to function well. This can mean assigning more memory or CPU and/or running multiple instances of an application.

Should you scale up your Jakarta EE application? And if you decide you do need to, what is the best way to go: vertical or horizontal, and then how can you start with distributed deployments and longer term solutions?

This checklist looks at key factors to consider, helping you check you have weighed up all the options before jumping into a scaling decision. It covers:

  • Double Check if it IS a Scaling Issue with Your Application
  • Decide If Tuning Will Solve the Problem
  • Choose Between Horizontal and Vertical Scaling
  • Decide If You Need Distributed Deployments
  • Consider Longer-Term Solutions

Payara Platform contains many features that help you scale more efficiently, including dynamic scaling with our AutoScale feature and aggressive compatibility with Kubernetes, Docker and cloud vendors.

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Key Considerations When Scaling Your Jakarta EE Application

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