Jakarta EE for Spring Boot Developers: Mapping Concepts and Paradigms

Are you a Spring Boot developer curious about Jakarta EE? Our free guide bridges your Spring Boot expertise with Jakarta EE’s core principles, helping you understand its components and philosophies.

In the guide ‘Jakarta EE for Spring Boot Developers: Mapping Concepts and Paradigms’, you will be able to find out more about the differences and similarities between Jakarta EE and Spring Boot to help you determine which option can best address the specific needs of your intended project(s).

What You’ll Get From This Guide:

  • Dependency Injection: Compare Jakarta CDI and Spring IoC.
  • Scopes and Lifecycles: Understand @ApplicationScoped vs. singleton, @RequestScoped vs. request.
  • Web Development: Explore Jakarta REST vs. Spring MVC.
  • Data Management: Learn about JPA in Jakarta EE and Spring Data JPA.

This guide helps you make informed architectural decisions and enhances both your Spring and Java development skills. Download your free copy now and expand your software development knowledge!

Category: User Guide

Subject: Developer Lead Resources, Jakarta EE, Java Developer Resources, Payara Platform

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